A Quiet Place (2018)

This horror film starring John Krasinski and Emily Blunt follows a family trying to live as normally as they can with terrifying monsters who come for you whenever you make a sound. These unknown, scary creatures are blind and can hear the slightest sound so everyone must be as quiet as possible.

The family communicate through sign language and through facial expressions which helps to show off the brilliant acting skills of each character. The family experiences the loss of one of their children at the start of the film and encounters the problem of a new child being brought into the world. Emily Blunt is exceptional in this film as she shows the pain of giving birth without making a sound, luckily, John Krasinski is able to help out his wife by setting off fireworks which gives her a chance to let out her scream of pain as she gives birth. The film also portrays sadness when John Krasinski’s character gives himself up to the creatures in order to save his children.

When watching the film, it gives the feeling of being a short amount of time when in fact it is not. It is also a very tense film and you are left sitting on the edge of your seat, unable to keep your eyes off the screen.

For someone who is not the biggest horror film fan, I loved this film. I loved the idea to have very minimal dialogue throughout the entire film and that they were not afraid for there to just be atmospheric sound rather than having music in the background the whole time. The acting throughout was exceptional and I am further impressed that John Krasinski directed the film, and also acted within it. The lighting throughout the film is also well done. There are many shots with strong, coloured lighting which helps add to the tension and scariness of the film. Whilst also, the lighting fits in within the film and looks as natural as it can within this very different world.

I would recommend people to watch this film, even if they are not the biggest horror film fan as it is a brilliantly executed film with a heartbreaking storyline and killer acting by all characters throughout the film.


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